Tuesday, November 11, 2008

As Seen on TV

I wouldn't say I'm an infomerical junkie.  I do my due diligence and see if a product is good or bad based on other's experiences.

In other words...I let other people be the suckers..I mean guinea pigs.

Over the years my as seen on tv purchases have worked out quite well.

One of the products I've been happy with is the Total Trolley.  It transforms from a step ladder, furniture dolly, cart and hand truck all in one.  Each mode has worked as expected and has been quite helpful when I've moved.

The only gripe I have about it is the wheels are hard so when going over rough surfaces the Totally Trolley makes a lot of noise.

I don’t think they make this product anymore but I’m sure you can find them on Amazon or eBay.

- - - - - - - - -

The next item that has saved me so much time and effort is the Hercules Hook.  Hanging up picture frames and mirrors have never been easier.

This simple piece of metal has one end that is a small hook and the other end has a sharp point.  The sharp point goes through the wall and you push the metal piece all the way through until you get to the other end where the small hook is.  Once the hook part meets the wall you twist it and that’s it.  The pressure from the object you hang on the hook is used to keep the entire piece of metal in place.

Removal of the hook is just the reverse and quite easy.  The hole left behind is a little larger than a nail hole but can easily be covered up.

So far I’ve been able to hang a 10-15 lb mirror and various picture frames.

This product can usually be found online but also at your local Target store.

- - - - - - - - -

My latest purchase is the HAAN steam mop.

Supposedly it’s the most purchased mop in Korea.  It’s a mop that uses steam to clean floors and kill 99% of bacteria. According to the manufacturer, the mop can be used on all types of flooring, tile, wood, laminate.  It has an attachment that can be used to clean carpets, sofas and beds.  The steam kills any dust mites that may be munching on  your dead skin cells. YUMMY.

Having a pup that pees in our house means we have to clean our floor constantly.  I got tired of having to use so many paper towels to clean up after him and that pee smell always lingered.  So I figured I’d give this thing a shot.

Today I used it in our kitchen which is where our pup has been trained to pee on a pee pad.  Unfortunately from time to time he’ll pee outside of the pee pad if its soaked or just is a lazy ass and pees wherever he wants.  I have to give it to him though, at least he only pees in the kitchen.

Before I started using the mop, I did my normal cleaning of the floor to see if there would be a big enough difference after using this mop.  I filled the mop with 1 cup of distilled water and let it heat up for a couple of minutes.  I started to go over the areas where the dog’s pee pad normally lays.  I was quite surprised that after a few passes I could smell pee.

Like I mentioned before, I just cleaned this area and yet after going over it with the mop, it smelled like pee.  I guess this steam stuff is really releasing whatever is left over on the tile.

I also noticed that after I went began to mop another area of the kitchen, the previous area I just mopped was already dry.  Very little moisture was left on the tile but the grout was still a little moist but that’s expected.

1 cup of distilled water enabled me to clean our entire kitchen floor, which is about 15 sqft in about 15 minutes.  It wasn’t hard work at all, just let the mop do all the work.

All in all, I would say I’m quite satisfied with the mop.  I’ll have to try it on the hard wood floors next and see how that goes.  Until then I give the HAAN steam mop 2 thumbs up.

You can find this product online for the normal price of $110-$120 + shipping.  If you want to save some $ you can find it at Linens N Things for $80 and it comes with the attachment to use it on the carpet, sofas and bed.  You have to act soon though because its only at this low price because Linens N Things is going out of business.

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Laura said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE infomercials. I'm not an addict at purchasing stuff off of them, just watching them. Although I have made my share of tv purchases. Thanks a lot Lindy, now I want that damn mop!! I don't have the dog pee situation since my dogs are mostly outside dogs, but how do you think it performs at removing dry and crusty food that my kid throws on the floor? hmmm?