Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Passing Gas

So gas prices are finally dropping.  For some, its not a real big impact because they're still driving their gas hoarding SUV's or high performance luxury cars.

I used to drive an Acura TL that required 91 premium gas.  So when gas prices were hitting that $3.00 mark, I was spending $45-$55 per tank and would barely get 300 miles per gallon.  If I kept the TL I would have been spending closer to $75 per fill up.

Don't get me wrong I loved my TL.  Loved everything about it, the built in navi, bluetooth, it had all the gadgets I wanted in a car.  I was definitely sad to see it go, but it was more saddening to have an empty bank account due to driving.

I traded in the TL for a more economical car, a Honda Civic Hybrid.  While it didn't have all the amenities as the TL, it did have what I needed, high MPG and the same exact navigation system as the TL. 

Having the TL for the past 2 years has saved me a lot of money and I've gotten more bang for my buck because of the increase in miles per gallon.

As of late, I've been spending $35-$38 on average to fill up the hybrid and average 400-425 miles per gallon.  Although that sounds great compared to what I would have spent if I kept the TL, I still think $35 per tank is still high.  

(Begin Old timers Moment) 
I remember when I was in high school...gas was $.80-$1.00 per gallon and I drove a Mustang.  In an entire month I wouldn't spend close to $50.

So yesterday when I went to fill up my tank I almost couldn't believe it.
$25 to fill up.

The proof is in the picture.

Gotta love having a Hybrid.

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Laura said...

Ugggh, I'm sooo glad that gas is coming down. I drive one of those annoying SUVs (durango to be exact) and when gas was at it's highest ($4.25-$4.50ish) I was paying $95 a tank! NINETY-FIVE BUCKS!!!! WTF!! Now I'm happy to report that my gas guzzler only costs about $50-$55 now. Hallelujah! Our next car will definitely be a hybrid. We would get one now if we weren't upside-down in out loan. Blah!